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Foam Balers

International's Foam Balers were specifically engineered for baling high memory foams. 

The Balers utilize special material retention systems to allow for the units to process these hard to bale materials.

Baler Models

System Features

Model Number
Overall Width
Overall Length
Overall Height
Hopper Dimensions (W" x L")
Max System Pressure
Main Bore
Platen Pressure
Cycle Time
Bale Size (W x H x L)
Bale Weight (Foam)
78 1/4"
265 5/8"
93 3/16"
46" x 60"
30 HP
3000 PSI
98 PSI
35 secs
48" x 36" x 72"
Up to 1,500 Lbs
60" x 100"
30 HP
2,400 PSI
55.5 PSI
60 secs
60" x 36" x 44"
Up to 1,400 Lbs

System Features

Full Bale Ejection

With Full Eject, the chamber is cleared after each bale is made, switching between materials does not require shutting down, cleaning out or making unwanted contaminated bales from the previous material.

Hydrulic Bale Dogs
(NA-1296-F Only)

Hydraulic Bale Dogs allow for greater retention of material allowing for less cycles to produce a full bale.

Pre-compression lid
(Titan-60-36-F only)

The Pre-compression lid reduces material jams while increasing bale densities.

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