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Full Eject Balers

The Titan is the newest generation of our successful LD Series horizontal balers. Like the classic LD, the Titan is an efficient and affordable choice for baling multiple products and features a heavy-duty solid plate construction with advanced hydraulics and PLC controls. 

Baler Models
System Features
Model Number
Overall Width
Overall Width
Overall Height
Hopper Dimensions (W" x L")
Max System Pressure
Main Bore
Total Force
Cycle Time
Bale Size (W x H x L)
Bale Weight (OCC)
Bale Weight (ONP)
Bale Weight (PET)
58" x 45"
50 HP
3000 PSI
235,620 lbs
20 secs
60" x 30" x 48"
Up to 1,600 Lbs
Up to 2,200 Lbs
Up to 1,000 Lbs
58" x 35"
30 HP
3000 PSI
150,800 lbs
30 secs
60" x 30" x 48"
Up to 1,200 Lbs
Up to 1,600 Lbs
Up to 900 Lbs
System Features

Floor Liners

Floor Liner Plates (AR450) and adjustable wear shoes on bottom of press head. This allows for multi-material capabilities reduces the need for additional equipment.

Full Bale Ejection

With Full Eject, the chamber is cleared after each bale is made, switching between materials does not require shutting down, cleaning out or making unwanted contaminated bales from the previous material.

Progressive Edge Blade

The baler combines its Hardened Tool Steel Shear blade with its 46" Press head penetration to clear any potential material jams reducing unit downtime.

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